Introduction our product Khul Ke

Khul Ke is a social media platform that redefines and revolutionizes how conversations will happen on social media . We have already developed an exciting conversational feature that is universally unique and aims to achieve a 360 degrees Conversation Experience.

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What is

Loktantram MediaTech

Loktantra Mediatech is a start-up in the social media space that plans to tap the true potential of the vast Social Network through – conversations. Currently, the social media space is filled with platforms from the 1st Generation products that primarily aimed at creating Social Networks through sharing of Status and Comments. 

Essentially, they were meant for limited networking and not full-fledged, in-depth, time-bound, focused, meaningful and moderated conversations. While in recent times there have been some exciting attempts at introducing conversations based approaches and people have welcomed it, yet from our vantage point of having been avid social media users, the offering is inadequate and wanting.

The project is well-funded by one of the most premium institutions in the field of investing, in fact, the key persons are considered an institution in themselves amongst the Investor Community in India.

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